Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Go Team!

After a really wonderful vacation- one my soul seriously needed- I came back with a fab tan and just a few pounds heavier. But it's all good, and the food in the Caribbean is worth slipping off the diet for. I only get to enjoy it once a year after all!

I've come to the point where I need to kick it up a notch with my efforts. I have gotten this far with just changes in my diet, and now I must must must start exercising if I want to push beyond this plateau. But when to find the time when I leave for work at 6am and sometimes get home after 7pm?? I know, I've seen the quote before- you can never "find" the time to do something, you can only make the time. Not sure that is true either, but oh well. (It MUST be true because when I tell my boss I don't have time to do something, she tells me to make the time!)

Our company organizes a weight loss challenge once or twice a year. This year, James and I have decided to participate. Employees form their own teams of 4-5 folks, and not only do we compete with the other teams at our office, but with all teams in the company nationwide. James is our team captain and is ultra-super duper-competitive. He made it clear that he wants to win, at least locally. He said if I join his team, I have to be serious about it.

The competition starts the first of March, and right away we've signed up for a walkathon for our local community food bank. The competition lasts for 8 weeks, but I am hoping that if we do it right, it will last us well beyond. I am sure James will reach his goal, because he is always very focused and dedicated to whatever project he is working on. I am the one who will have to step up, so I don't let the team down!

Go Team Waist Removal!!