Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Holidays Start...

I didn't do as poorly on our trip to Atlantic City as I feared. Eating out, I had entree salads quite a bit, and as I predicted it did not lessen my enjoyment of our vacation. I did have a few too many snacks here and there, especially once we discovered the gigantic gourmet cupcakes at one of the hotel's bars. Yikes. I only indulged twice- they were so big and so good, I could have easily eaten one for all three meals every day. We did a lot of walking on this trip, climbed a lighthouse, walked the boardwalk, strolled all over an aquarium, even toured an entire battleship. So I don't feel as though I skimped on exercise.

I came back with an extra two pounds, but that was easy enough to shed. Yesterday we had the big company luncheon for Thanksgiving, and I only had a salad again. I sat at the table with all my co-workers, and we talked and visited and I didn't mind that they were eating mac and cheese and mashed potatoes in front of me. In fact, I enjoyed my salad so much I barely noticed what they had on their plates.

Starting tomorrow we're visiting family from Thursday through Sunday, in Tennessee and then the Georgia Mtns, so another four days of meals out. Where I have control over my choices, I will eat what is healthiest. When I am staring at the family smorgasbord, I'll enjoy it by limiting portions. Hopefully I'll get a walk or two in over the weekend.

I haven't been to Weight Watchers the last two weeks, and I will miss again this weekend. The month of December I plan to put my nose to the grindstone with my weight loss efforts, and get through the rest of the season without any kind of gain. As soon as we get back from our Thanksgiving visits, I will hit the grocery store to stock up on "salad fixins" and plenty of fresh produce. I will end the holidays 2011 wearing the same size pants I started off in!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

All Is Well

I had a slight slip up this week, but nothing I am going to beat myself up about. It was more like I made decisions based on my old behavior, instead of reframing the situation so that I made the right decisions. One night this week found James and I out late, running errands before we could even get home from work. We stopped for dinner at the one place that was conveniently located near all of our stops- my old foe China Buffet. I have avoided this place for many many months now. I don't particularly care for buffets to begin with, because I think most of them lack quality food, so we don't usually go to them. For me, a Chinese buffet is even more dangerous than any of the others.

Although I only got one plate- and I was happy to see they had new, smaller plates now- everything I brought back to the table was fried. I could have made wise choices there- steamed veggies, chicken without gobs of sauce, fresh fruit instead of fried doughnuts. I'm unhappy that I did not even look at the healthier options, and instead fell back on my old favorites that were greasy and fried and dripping with sauce. I know one meal out is not going to derail me, but to continue to repeat this cycle of eating out poorly, is what got me to the weight I am now. I don't want to sit there next time and just drink water- I want to be able to enjoy the meal, without the million fat grams and, even heavier, the guilt.

We leave for our trip tomorrow, and I'm going to try to not feel so much anxiety over "gaining weight" yet I don't want to give myself permission to completely fall off the wagon just because it's vacation! Instead I'm going to try and look at this as an opportunity to give serious thought to my food choices BEFORE they end up on my plate.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Size Does Matter!

So I confess, I did have one of those startling moments that kicked my butt into gear as far as getting this weight off. And that would be the clothes in my closet! Now that the weather has cooled off, I saw that my long-sleeve shirts from last winter are all 2X, and I've been in a 3X for awhile now. Despite the fact that I love to go shopping, I realized that I did not want to have to go buy a whole new winter wardrobe because I can't fit into last year's items. I already did that once this year- in the spring I had to go buy all new (bigger) clothes for this summer. I've got plenty of clothes in my closet- from sizes regular large up to 3X, and I would really rather concentrate on fitting into what I already own. It's nice to go clothes shopping because you want to, but it sucks to go because you MUST.

I had another good loss this week- 2 more pounds- and I wasn't sure that it would happen. I did a terrible job of tracking my points and we were out of town last weekend. Weekends always set me back- we go out a lot and although I am doing a lot better on making choices at restaurants, I still sometimes slip up. But I'm not going to beat myself up over it this time. My goal is to keep a steady loss of one to two pounds a week, but I know there will be weeks when it doesn't happen. In the past, I've always gotten discouraged about a gain. I can't let it get into my head this time.

At Weight Watchers this week, our topic of conversation was closely related to that. A lot of people- including me- let one week of gaining set them back both mentally and diet-wise. I have certainly done that before- on weeks where I thought (or knew) I would have a gain, I would decide not to go to my meeting. Then I would just tell myself, since I'm not weighing in this week I might as well just relax the diet and enjoy. That is a trap I can't let myself fall into this time. I'll be 45 next month. I do not want to enter my next decade of life heavy and unhealthy and tired.

Challenge for this week is our upcoming vacation next weekend. I have to remind myself that visiting another city is NOT license to eat whatever I want and however much of it I can inhale! Will I really enjoy Atlantic City any less because at lunch I have a salad with light dressing, instead of a huge bacon cheeseburger?? I should hope not!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Digging Deep

This is the time of year where I'm going to have to dig deep and get through all the rough patches. There are so many distractions right now that could easily derail me from my progress, but I am trying my best to stay focused on my GOAL. There are certainly the approaching holidays, which we will all have to deal with- James and I go away for Thanksgiving, and host my parents for Christmas (mom's cooking!), and a birthday bash weekend for me on New Year's. We also have a vacation scheduled in two weeks (five days in Atlantic City!!), and it's always SO hard not to indulge when we're out of town. Even quick weekend trips here and there add up. I've never been one to pack my carrot sticks to take in the car with me- although I probably should be.

I usually start to go astray at this point on Weight Watchers. I'm not near a computer to track my points faithfully, I miss meetings and the all-important weigh-ins because I'm gone on weekends, and I fall out of the routine of getting on the treadmill every day. But this year I don't want to completely get lost during the shuffle of the holidays. I don't want to gain the typical holiday pounds. I don't want to go crawling back into my meetings sometime in mid-January and my leader not remember who I am. I don't want to have to dust off my exercise equipment in the basement before I use it again.

I have a quote on my desk at work: Good habits result from resisting temptation. I will not be tempted to overeat at holiday gatherings and parties. I will not be tempted to collapse on the couch every evening after work instead of exercising. I will not be tempted to gain "just a few pounds" because it's Thanksgiving.

I am proud of the weight I've lost these last few months, and I want to do everything I can to keep pushing forward and not slide backwards. I know everyone who is trying to lose or maintain their weight, has the same battles this time of the year. And this holiday season, I want to win the whole war!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Woo Hoo- I'm REALLY Back!

Yes, I'm finally back. I am happy to say that shortly after this photo was taken this summer, I put my butt into gear and started going back to Weight Watchers. And exercising again. That's all it's taken, and I'm down almost 20 pounds already (my tracker is at the bottom of the page). With so much going on in my life right now, I knew it was getting to be now or never for me to finally get these pounds off. And be serious about it, not just talk or whine or complain about what wasn't working for me.

No one knows better than I do, how great WW works- I still have the size 12 jeans I was wearing just in 2004 when I lost close to 90 pounds. And I have the size 20 I was wearing after I lost my mind and stopped following the plan.

I've spent too long making excuses for myself. My work schedule, my various medical issues, my physical pains, blah blah. Most of those reasons will disappear once I actually shed the weight anyhow!

I know one of the most important aspects of weight loss, is not just what you eat or how much you move, but support. I have the support of friends and family, but none of them are struggling to lose weight the way I am. So I am back on the blog, to catch up with my old favorites, and hopefully find new inspiration out there.

Thanks for all of your patience and hanging in there with me!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Bye For Now

(Taken on our vacation, Santa Monica Pier three weeks ago)

Well, I have decided to shut down this blog for now. I have not made any progress on my weight loss or health- none whatsoever- since starting this, which tells me I am not serious about losing weight. When I do finally make a true commitment, I will be back on here. But no use in wasting everyone's time, by getting on here every few months and making bad excuses. I will still read you all, but I won't be posting for awhile. Please take care, and come see me on my other blog. Thanks.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Technology!!

This is just a test. I finally got an iPhone so I'm playing with it. Wow, this should make it easier than ever to keep up with my blog and my Weight Watchers online!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


2011 has been a bit of a bust for me so far, and the first quarter is almost over already. I had expected to be well into my newly energized efforts to lose weight, and yet it has gone nowhere. The reason is here, over on my other blog. 2011 started off great- for the first week. Then the situation with the shoulder started on Monday of week two, and now I am recovering from the surgery and am still in a great deal of pain.

Tomorrow I am going to try getting on the treadmill for the first time this year, and see how it goes. I will have to be careful about not swinging my arms, which I normally do when I walk. Right now, if I move my arm the wrong way just a little bit, it feels like someone blasted into my shoulder with a shotgun. It is still nearly impossible for me to get a good night's sleep, I can't find a position where I'm not in pain. I go back next week to Emory, to get evaluated. I still can't raise my arm over my head, and I can't stretch my arm all the way in front of me.

Spring is here in the South with a vengeance, everything is blooming, we're having weather in the 70's. I am ready to get out and start gardening, but right now my body is still holding me back. It sucks to be in pain, and although I do have a pretty high tolerance, I can also be a wimp when it comes to body aches. I realize I do use it as an excuse sometimes, but as soon as this shoulder heals, I am going for broke. I was only out of work for three days after the surgery, but the whole time I sat around eating cookies and drinking Coke. And I wonder why I never have any energy!

I'll be back on here soon, it still hurts to work at the computer, so it's not my favorite thing to do right now. As much as I want to blog more frequently. Hopefully soon.


(Some of the kitties helping me recuperate on the couch.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Three Weeks

Three weeks- that's how long I have until the surgery on my right shoulder. After meeting with the orthopedic oncologist this week at world-renowned Emory, he decided that whatever the little blips are that showed up on my MRI, are most likely benign. Which is certainly what we wanted to hear. But, I still have to have surgery. They will remove the mass, send it off for a biopsy, then do a bone graft. He said he will use a synthetic substance and that my bone will eventually grow over it, and that even an MRI won't be able to differentiate. The procedure is out-patient surgery, I'll be in a sling for about 1-2 days, and out from work for a week. Then about six weeks before I will be considered 100% recovered and can resume all activities.

The only problem is, they are not sure that this is the issue that is causing all the excruciating pain in my shoulder. There is still the large calcium deposit attached to a tendon right in the same area, and a lot of fluid building up there as well. My local orthopedic surgeon believes THIS is what is causing me pain. So there is a potential that I may need another surgery shortly up the road.

I am agreeable to whatever it takes, it has been five weeks of this and I can't take much more of it. Right now, they have me on so much pain medication- including Percocet and Oxycontin and two different muscle relaxers- I'm surprised I can put my shoes on the correct feet. But, I'm still chugging along at work, and trying to hide from everyone exactly how much pain I am in. I don't even think my husband realizes how much I hurt. I have to work this Saturday, I'm off on Sunday, but then starting on Monday James and I will be both be working 12 straight days without a break as we finish up our company's massive computer conversion. I am hoping like crazy that I can get through this.

For weight-loss related news, at least the numbers are moving in the right direction this week. The weight that I lost was not caused by any real effort on my part, I think it's more that I've been living off saltine crackers and ice water. The pain meds have killed my appetite and made me horribly nauseous. But, my weight did creep down a little, so I will count that as a victory for this week. At least something good has come about from all of this! Can't wait to play the Wii again, I miss it.

I will post again soon. Thank you all!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Time Standing Still

Here is the view from my back deck today, I've taken photos from here before and posted, and I never get tired of looking at the landscape. I'm lucky I don't live all crowded-up in a tight neighborhood. I've been sitting out there reading, James had to work today, and it's so gorgeous and sunny out, hard to believe the Weather Channel says we may have more snow again this week. I don't think I'll ever see any development to spoil my view, and I hope I don't, but you never know.

I have not been ignoring my ticker tracking my weight- the number on my scale has not moved in the last two weeks. I am not surprised because I don't feel as though my efforts have been all that committed. I feel I do well during the day at work, because I stay limited to what I packed in my lunch box- for snacks, for lunch, one diet soda. And I am counting and tracking my Weight Watchers points. But the evenings have sort of tripped me up. We continue to eat out too much, but I continue to make poor choices, compounding the problem. We've been eating out because of our ongoing long hours at work, and because I never plan ahead for dinners.

One night this week I cooked up a big batch of something in the slow cooker, but it was hardly edible. This morning I put a turkey in the oven at 7am, and while I was out running errands, James took it out and carved it up. So hopefully that will encourage us to make a few dinners from it. Our problem is, by the time we get home from work, there is no time to cook dinner, we need something that can get to the table in about five minutes. It's been about 8 hours since we had lunch, and there's no time for me to spend even 30 minutes on making dinner. So we talk ourselves into stopping to eat on the way home. Unfortunately, there's only one restaurant directly in our path homeward, and I'm about sick of it.

Right now, it's been hard on both of us, because so much time is being spent lately on me- doctor's appointments, trips to the pharmacy, and just me being in agonizing pain. I get through my workday watching the clock, wondering when I can take another pain pill, and how long it will be before I can punch out and run for the door. I go to Emory University up in Atlanta on Wednesday, for yet another specialist to look at my shoulder. A month now, and no one has been able to stop the pain. This new doctor is an orthopedic oncologist, and he's going to look at the suspicious spots and dots that showed up on my MRI- inside the bone of the head of my humerus.

With other things looming over me, it's been hard to contemplate how many calories are in the caesar salad, or how many points I have left to use on dinner. It is still a work in progress for me, as it always seems to be, and I feel like I never ever move forward towards my goals.

This weekend, it was our five year wedding anniversary. Instead of enjoying the moment, all I could think of that morning when I weighed is that I've gained 40 pounds since then. Sad, why I focus so much on something that I do so little about.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy First Week, Sorta

Well, I had a great first weigh-in, and that was actually the highlight of the week! I had to go to the ER one night this week, with the pain in my shoulder- it was bringing me down to my knees. Found out it is most likely a torn rotator cuff, in the opinion of the ER doc, but of course only an MRI can tell me that for certain. I don't know what it is, I only know it's been two weeks now and the pain gets worse with every passing day. She recommended an orthopedic surgeon, and I am struggling with just gritting my teeth through the pain, or taking precious time off from work when I know my boss would rather me not. They gave me shots, and lots of prescriptions, but nothing is easing the pain. Even good sleep eludes me. My massage therapist, who normally works on my back, seems to think I just strained/sprained something in my neck or shoulder- she says I'm not hurting in the "right" place for it to be rotator cuff-related. But she too recommends seeing a doctor to make certain, and to get something for the pain.

So for now, it looks like I have only the "diet" side of the diet & exercise equation at my disposal. I don't think exercise is going to play a part in my weight loss for a little while. I am still at the "heat and gentle stretching" portion of my recovery. I am hopeful that this is just a minor setback. The thing I keep hearing from everyone is to slow down at work and take time off- everyone, that is, but my boss who has not shown one flinch of sympathy or understanding for me. Oh well, I told a co-worker the other day that with millions out of work, I can't continue to complain because I have TOO much work.
I am struggling to learn Weight Watchers' new points program. On one hand, there's the cynical side of me who thinks they simply revamp their programs every few years so they can sell new books and food guides and points calculators. But the other half of me wants to believe that they've uncovered new science to support their new formulas for figuring out points. I say that because, I've had my "Dining Out" guide for about 3 years now and I have everything underlined, highlighted, paperclipped, sticky-noted, and my scribbles all over the place. Not only for the restaurants listed in their guide, but all the information I dug up on my own, through nutrition charts on websites, brochures, etc. All of this hard work is of course with the old points system, so it is basically useless. I could say that I would just stick with the old points that I already know, but when I signed up to use eTools online, they are already using the new system.
Having said all of this, no matter what the points, I know if I eat less of them, I will drop the pounds! So with that in mind, I'll keep moving forward.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smooth Sailing

No photo today, as I'm on my laptop and I don't have any personal photos loaded on here yet. I'm still getting used to typing on it, I've never had a laptop before, even for work. This has been a good week, and now that I'm counting points again on Weight Watchers, and tracking online with their eTools, I feel more in control. I haven't felt that in awhile, I have just been eating all day without any thought behind what I was cramming down my throat, and without being mindful of the portions. I know there are people out there who abhor having to count points or write down what they eat or get out the old measuring cups, but for me, it has been the only thing that has ever worked. Having it there written down in front of me, makes me feel more responsible for my actions, because they are staring back up at me. And neither of us wants to blink first!

I have had a major setback on the exercise front. Last weekend I woke up with what I thought was a small crick in my neck (do you all know what that means, or is that strictly a Southern term?), and it has spiraled 10 days later into me going to the urgent care center last night in almost unbearable pain. They said it's a muscle sprain and spasms, but I believe I have torn something in my shoulder, probably just a muscle. It is a deep, searing, constant pain that nothing has alleviated. Not drugs, heating pads, massages, stretching. And certainly keying at work for ten hours a day is not helping, because of course it's my right shoulder. The only thing I can think of, is I somehow did this playing on the Wii last weekend- whether it was playing the golf or the baseball- and so I have been basically creeping along in misery these past two weeks. Exercise is not going to be on the near horizon for me, so the Weight Watchers program is going to be it for right now.

I am actually looking forward to my weigh-in on Friday morning, excited and curious, and hopefully I will like what I see. We've been out to dinner twice this week, and I got salad and water both times. A big change for me, but I enjoyed the meal and especially the time with my husband. So, I don't need to have a huge burger with extra mayo, in order to enjoy a nice night out. I have to change my thought process, before I can ever hope to change my bad eating habits.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Quick Update

I am at work, so just a super quick update. I am tuckered out, just like my kitty above. The flurries we were expecting, turned into a gigantic mess of a snow and ice storm that shut down this area all week. More on that later, other than to note it has been an insane week, and I have to work all this coming weekend. I've signed back up for eTools on Weight Watchers, and now that I have my fun little mini laptop, I figure I will be able to keep up with tracking my food and exercise. I plan to go back to counting Points on Monday, the only thing that has ever worked for me in the past. Glad I can say I am making positive steps for a change! Will post again on Sunday, once I get home from work.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Looking For Inspiration

I'm here alone for awhile this morning. Our company got on the road home a bit ago, and James went out to take care of some car maintenance for my Saturn. I worked yesterday, so I'm a bit of a slug this morning- coffee, the paper, breakfast. We are expecting snow to start later today, last through all Monday and perhaps even Tuesday. But snow in the South isn't much compared to the rest of the country (see below, Christmas Day). For us, one inch is something to get the population stirred up about. Not to mention the dreaded black ice.

But this morning, it is bright and sunny and clear, if only 22 degrees. The critters are active in the backyard at all our many feed stations- birds, squirrels, deer, possum- there's something out there for everyone. Everyone is fattening up for the winter, and I guess I am too. I had my too-typical breakfast this morning, a bagel with cream cheese. It's a habit I most definitely want to break. I love bagels, and we keep buying them, but after the current stash is gone I'm going to have to put a ban on bagels- they are too tempting to me. I've never been much for breakfast staples like bacon and eggs, or sausage and gravy. For me, it's the bagel that is my worst breakfast-enemy.

Still, that wasn't going to be the topic of my post this morning. Since getting back on my blog, I've been checking up on all the old blogs I used to read. I've noticed a lot of them are either shut down, or folks haven't posted for many many months. I know on my own blog, I've posted sporadically, so someone could have easily decided that I was not on here any longer. So I decided to try to trim down my blog roll, and to update it. I'm deleting the blogs that are closed, and I am hoping to find new blogs for inspiration. I know I don't have many followers on either of my blogs, and that's okay. I don't get a lot of comments, but I rarely leave comments. And I know that if I'm not out there on other folks' blog, no one will know I'm over here. Unfortunately, I am so limited with my free time, I am not able to spend a great deal of it leaving comments, even when I do read their blog. And when I'm trying to find new blogs, the only way I know how to look for them is to go on other blogs and just check out who is following them.

I do like reading where other people are going on their own weight loss journey. Most of the time, I can relate. I can relate to the struggles, and I am a sucker for a great success story. I like knowing that there are a lot of other people in this world, who are exactly at the same spot in life that I am, who fight against their ever-expanding waistline, who stumble but get back up, who keep going, and who finally get to that place where we are all hoping to be one day. Most of the days, I do not succeed, but for 2011 I have decided to take it one meal at a time, one day at a time, and try to be happy no matter the outcome. So I'm on the hunt for new blogs to inspire me, and if you are reading me, please let me know and I will be sure to read your blog as well. Thanks!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

She Shoots, She Scores!!

I guess one way to stay focused on weight loss, is to set GOALS! Not just a number on a scale, but real milestones for life. Although I certainly do have the ultimate weight goal of 140. There are a lot of moments in life where I've said to myself- this would be SO much better if I was not overweight. So here are a few goals I have, in no particular order.
  • Hiking- Something I used to enjoy in the fall and winter was hiking, and I used to go fairly frequently to hike at the local state parks. The last few years, I haven't had the stamina to keep up, and my lower back issues always seem to get in the way. I know losing weight will not only help my back, but it will allow me to hike farther and keep up with my tireless husband. GOAL: I haven't hiked in almost two years, and I would like to go again by later this spring.
  • Falcons- Yes, the Atlanta Falcons. We are season ticket holders, and we have a playoff game next week. Only problem for me is that we have a long walk to the Dome from where we park- up stairs and ramps. And our seats are the last row up in the last section. Great seats, but by the time I get up there, it takes me nearly 10-15 minutes of trying to catch my breath because I am so winded. GOAL: By the time next season starts, I want to be able to cruise up to our seats with no effort whatsoever.
  • Clothes- I talk about clothes a lot on my blog, because it's the one thing that I can't avoid. I have to put on an appropriate outfit every morning for the office, and it is getting harder to find stuff in my closet that isn't w-a-y too tight. Tight clothes not only make me very very self-conscious, they are also extremely uncomfortable and in some instances, get in the way of me working. I've had days during the summer where I wrap up in a sweater because I am embarrassed by the bulges that tight pants or a snug blouse show. GOAL: By summer, I would like to be in a size that doesn't start with a number. Just a regular XL would be good with me right now.
  • Photos- I love to take pictures of everything- landscapes, the cats, my family. But at my size, I can't stand to have my photo taken. All I see when I look at the pictures is how wide I am or how fat my face is. I think that's why I'm always the picture-taker, so I won't be in the photos. James will snap my picture when I'm not looking, but I can't stand to see them- especially if I'm standing around other people who are half my size. GOAL: By the time we take our annual fall cruise, I want to be able to enjoy the vacation photos instead of trying to hide the ones with me in them.
  • Exercise- This is my biggest goal, even more than losing weight. Right now, I never have any energy, I have aches and pains all over, and I'm on about six or seven different prescription medicines. I know exercise will take care of all of that. I used to enjoy walking, around the neighborhood or on the treadmill, and I have gotten away from that. Hence, the weight is creeping back up. I stay SO tired all of the time, and some days I can barely move with my backaches, and I know that a regular exercise program is the answer. I've always had a hard time watching what I eat, but exercising for me is actually easier than dieting. But lately I haven't been doing any of either. GOAL: By summer, I want to be in the habit of walking every evening, and get in longer walks on the weekends.
Those are just a few simple goals, nothing outrageous like liposuction or a trip to Paris. If I could do any or all of the things on the list above, and accomplish them in 2011, I will be very very satisfied with my life. I just turned 44, and as far as I'm concerned I'm only halfway through my life, but the way I feel lately- I might as well be 80!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

How Bad Is It....

It has gotten pretty bad, at least for me. I am to the point where I officially have to lose 100 pounds to get to my ideal healthy weight. I am at the largest size the regular department stores carry in their Plus section, and I am straining the seams on those clothes. I feel like I just had to buy this bigger size, and now I have already outgrown it. I have become the person I dreaded the most- the stereotypical middle-aged fat woman, wearing big flowy tops with loud prints (see photo below from last week), lots of clunky jewelry, and gigantic handbags. I am not sure if I am trying to hide behind it all, or make myself look smaller compared to such larger accessories. There is definitely nothing dainty or ladylike about me these days.

Lately I am always the biggest person in the room- at meetings, at parties, at restaurants, at family gatherings. I am the size I was seven years ago, when I knew I'd had enough and I was determined to lose it all. And I did, in a year. But I've spent the last six years gaining it all back. This past year or so has been the worst of it, the most dramatic increase. Since I started back to work 14 months ago, I've gained almost 40 pounds. And I don't know why because I feel like my habits are pretty much the same as they've been the last 4-5 years.

My exercise has always been so inconsistent, and my diet has always been horrendous. And I know A + B = in Cow, which is how I feel today as I sit here. I don't want to wake up one day in a few more weeks, and realize I will have to go to Lane Bryant to buy yet another round of bigger sizes because I can't breathe in my tight pants. And most of all, I'm tired of the low energy and poor health and, on some days, depression- all of which I know are tied into my weight and diet. I was shocked again this year when I had my physical and the test results showed my blood sugar and cholesterol were fine. I am fortunate somehow to have dodged those two potential killers. But, as always, my blood pressure is terrible even on medication- and especially lately with the extra stress at work.

Although this week, we are still cleaning out the fridge and cabinets of all the holiday treats and junk, next week we will start with a fresh grocery list in hand as we head to Publix. James has truly enjoyed having the Wii, and even on nights when he gets home super late and he's very tired, he still spends about an hour playing (exercising). He loves the way it helps to relieve stress. I haven't quite gotten there yet, but I do enjoy it and am trying to get in a routine on it. And I am also going to weigh myself every week, because lately I've been in denial and will go 3-4-5 weeks without stepping on the scales, even when I could tell I was gaining. I've started a new ticker down at the bottom of the page, and I will weigh every Friday morning from now on.

I don't want to get back on this blog in a month and tell you I have 110 pounds to lose.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Wii Folk

So now I've traded in the boring treadmill and stationary bike for the Wii, and "we" have been having a blast. And hopefully burning calories to boot. James has played it religiously every day since hooking it up on Christmas Day. I just started recently. But, we both started out with our "Fitness Age" up in the 70's, and we are both down in the 20's now. So far we've just been playing the Wii Sports that came with the machine. The only thing I haven't attempted so far is the boxing, but James has, and he says it's tough and will wear me out. Tonight was my first night of playing the golf, and while it wasn't quite as physical as the tennis, it had its own challenges. Mainly, I know nothing about golf.

We manage about an hour every night, and as late as we get home from work, sometimes we are just finishing up on the Wii right before bedtime. But I want to continue to play every night. I may not be burning as many calories as say, walking an hour on the treadmill, but I am certainly burning WAY more than I have been lately, playing couch jockey. Right now, I feel as though I am just starting out again. So what if once upon a time, 5 miles on the treadmill was an easy feat for me. That was far too long ago for me to try and jump back on that regimen right out of the gate.

As heavy as I am currently (and I will talk about that in my next post), playing the Wii is about the limits of my stamina right now. Hard to believe how much huffing and puffing I am doing, just by swinging a Nerf tennis racket. Of course, to watch me play, you would think I had some sort of ailment- I can't stand in just one spot and swing the racket which theoretically that's all you need to do to make the game work. No, I run all over the basement like I am really chasing the ball on the court. And I sound like Monica Seles, for those of you who remember her.

Anyhow, this is a step- or lots of steps across the basement floor- in the right direction. Burning calories is always easier when you're having fun!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Let's Get 2011 Rolling

If you've been looking for me, the photo above is the reason you haven't seen me in awhile. My work schedule has left little time for me to do anything but spend 12 hour days in the office, and try to get sleep. Oh yes, and lots of junk food and sodas in between to keep me going. I've gained so much weight the last few months and I'm so big, I've made jokes about when my twins are due (hint- I'm NOT pregnant). I have lots of excuses- besides 55 hour work weeks, there was the severely sprained ankle, my lower back problems, and continued travel almost every weekend. I haven't exercised, I haven't eaten right, and I obviously haven't blogged.

So I'm going to try to start off the New Year in a better frame of mind. I made no resolutions yesterday- the day I turned 44. Heck, I didn't even make it to midnight- we zonked out at 11:30pm. But James and I have made the commitment to each other to start aiming for healthier goals. We got a Wii for Christmas, and yesterday for my birthday we got the Wii Fit. James has been playing for hours every day since Christmas. I have just started out recently. But it's SO much fun, we plan to replace our evening TV time with the Wii. James is ultra-competitive, and I just like to have fun and spend time with him.

We've set up an area in the basement for the Wii, all of our workout equipment, our weights, everything we own- even my really old and dusty step aerobics setup. James has already braved the Wii fit and stepped on the "scales". I have yet to do so, but I know what it's going to show me. I weighed last week for the first time in over a month, and it was shock to see the number. Yet, not so surprising since I'm about to bust out of my clothes.

Also for Christmas, my wonderful husband gave me a netbook, so now I have no excuses for not blogging, I can do it anytime, anywhere. I want to come back to this blog, and finally use it for the reasons I initially I started it- to document my weight loss. Unfortunately, the only thing I've done on this blog is whine and apologize and make promises, and that's just boring BS at this point. Please stick with me yet again, while James and I both commit to turn over a new page in this giant book that is Life!