Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Goals

Well the weight loss challenge at work did not go anything like I had hoped.  I had small losses every week, and then a gain for the last weigh in.  James and I were out of town the previous week, for a family situation, staying at a hotel and eating all our meals out.  We were both feeling a great deal of emotional stress, and leaned towards comfort foods the whole time.  Even the snacks we kept in the room were not healthy choices.  I think James finished the challenge down 8 pounds, which I'm proud of him for. 

I've come up with a new challenge for us, and I'm hoping he'll do it with me.  Nine weeks from now, we'll be at Disney for a few days, so I'm setting that time frame as my new goal of getting down below that magic number of 200.  I've already got the weigh in chart on the refrigerator door, and if he wants to do this with me, that's great.  I'm hoping another "challenge" will keep him- and me- motivated.

I've got to get back to following the Weight Watchers plan, and start tracking again.  I abandoned it months ago due to pure laziness, and I feel that's the main reason I stopped losing after the initial 30 pounds.  I still see my biggest obstacle as work, being gone from the house sometimes for 12+ hours a day.  That is another very important goal I'm working towards, either cutting back or shifting my hours so I'm home earlier in the evenings- to exercise, to cook real dinners, to de-stress in a healthy way.  

We see so much in the news about the folks who have lost jobs, but very little about how overwhelmed and overworked the people are who go through lay-offs but remain at the company.  Yes, the staff got cut back, but the work did not!  At least at my company.  Those of us still there have had to pick up the duties of those who were let go.  I sometimes wish I had voluntarily taken the severance package instead of fighting to keep my job- but that is a story not for this blog.

I can only continue to set goals and work towards them, and not beat myself up when I don't reach them as quickly as I want to.